Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

the best memories, maybe?

well, let me share with you my unforgettable memories when it was my 16th birthday.

my fiend's, called regina. to come over  my house in the afternoon at 1 PM. 
(i wondered because it was my birthday and she came to my house) 

she asked me what i was doing then she told me to join her to some place.
i asked her to stay because i wondered she might be joking around with me 

i opened my webcam then took a selfie with her, after five minutes she suddenly pulled my hand and screamed, 
"Mith, follow me. c'mon!"  i asked, "where?!" 
then i followed her to an open field. 
then i asked her, "what's now?" then my school friend, chika, appeared from my back while she brought a blackforest cake with a 16th candle. 
then regina asked my to make a wish for my birthday.

when i closed my eyes, suddenly my other school friend, olin. appeared from my back while brought some mixed (include : egg, flour, the water that the turtle was in, water, stained milk. )
then pour to my head, and it was so smellyyyyyy iwh!!!

then amanda and chika, gave me some gift, i opened the gift from chika's....
there were a g-string, shampoo, and soap. 
i thought, that g-string would be useful for me?????? 
noooooooooo -_-

amanda gave me macaroni, then olin gave me a cute book.

eh, i forgot to tell you that when i opened my gift i was being watched by some children around me. bahaha can you guys imagine? 

i was watched by some other kids in my village. 

well, that was one of my interesting memories.

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